An Adaptable aspiring software engineer.

I am an aspiring software engineer studying at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. From Android development to artificial intelligence, I have a wide range of technology to help solve any issue facing me. I desire to work for a company that brings joy to the world around me. To this end, I believe nothing can stop me.

When I am not working on software projects, you can find me obsessing over music, playing the guitar, or looking for an adventure out in the wilderness. I love rock, folk, and even classical; Music is one of my most passionate things. I love hearing what others listen to and even trying to make music. I truly believe music can set you free.

I have many goals in life: Working a meaningful job, being there for my friends, or practicing guitar. However, the most crucial goal in my life is to give more to the world than what I take out. When all is said in done, if the world is even slightly better than how I found it, I will have succeeded.

I am constantly looking for new experiences and learning new things. Life is about what is out there. I work to live, but I live for my friends and family. I treasure meeting new people and helping the ones I already know find their happiness.


I have worked in many industries and have picked up many skills. I am always looking to expand my skill set.

  • Python, C, C#, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Julia, Swift, Kotlin, LaTeX, etc.
  • Version Control, Linux, Data Anaylisis, Artifical inteligence.
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Planning, Technical Reading.
  • Adaptability, Time Management, Organization, Teamwork, Disscussions.
  • Soldering, Mechanical Work, Construction, Manual Labour.
  • Communication, Leadership, Persuasion, Decision-making.


Here are a few projects to demonstrate my abilities.


Android app that tracks your habits. Included a social media platform for sharing your progress. I learned about the Agile workflow, documentation, creating unit tests, planning, and teamwork.

Image of HabiTrak Add Habit Screen


Work in progress Android app for tracking quitting. I plan to add a social feature where you and your friends and see each others timers. I am learning about full stack development, planning, kotlin, and project structure.

Image of HabiTrak Add Habit Screen